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Q1:Why to use Command22 instead of calling ShellExecute?
1.Using Command22 you have option to wait for the completion;
2.Using Command22 you hide DOS window;
3.Using Command22 you controle the input and output programmatically;
4.Using Command22 you retrieve return value;
Q2: Cmd22test application failed to run DOS command 'dir'. How should I launch DOS command using CMD22?
First launch cmd.exe (command.com for Win98) and enter 'dir' as a command data.
Q3: How much time does it take to deliver an SMS message using SMS22?
Normally it takes 10 to 30 seconds to deliver a message to the cellular networks covered by the Airborn service. For the networks using propritary sms delivery engines ( those networks are marked with an asterisk in the Coverage list ) the delivery may take several minutes. Please see the Coverage list for more information.
Q4: How to achive 100% successful sms message delivery using SMS22?
1.Use the ICQ server (in addition to the MTNSMS one) - to do that
just enter your own ICQ UIN in the ICQ configuration tab.
If you don't have a UIN - please press the "Get UIN" button and follow the
instructions on the web page.
2. For US and Canada destination networks use "CrazySMS internet-toSMS" configuration.
3. For UK destination networks use "Genie internet-toSMS" configuration.
4. If your destination cellular network has smtp-to-sms gateway
(those networks are marked with * in the Coverage list) - it is recommended
to use your local SMTP server instead of Touch22 web-to-smtp gateway.
If you configure your SMS22 that way, it tries to deliver your message first using the ICQ protocol, than using ICQ web server, than using MTNSMS server.
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