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Autorun22 enables you to create HTML-based autorun software that plays automatically when you insert CD. With Autorun22, you use HTML editor to create the autorun window content. No additional programming effort is required. A simple demo helps you to complete the task within a few minutes. Use HTML-based Autorun22 to create professional setup and presentation CD, DVD and tutorials.
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  SMS22 ActiveX
SMS22 ActiveX/COM enables your application to send SMS messages from any Internet-connected PC to any cellular phone on more than 300 cellular networks worldwide using public free reliable Internet-to-Cellular SMS gateways.
SMS22 ActiveX/COM is ideal for any application that requires alerts.
SMS is the best alert to notify system managers about a problem that requires manual interference. SMS also is the best way to notify you about arriving emails.
  Command22 ActiveX
Command22 is a toolkit that includes several COM objects used for running console applications or MS DOS commands from inside your application without bringing up the command prompt (MS DOS) window and providing your application with methods to control the child process input and output.
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  Image22 ActiveX
Image22 ActiveX creates images dynamically on the fly from inside your application.
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